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IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. The results of IELTS help you study, migrate or work in a country where English is a native language.Over three million people take the test every year and more than 11,000 employers, universities, schools, and immigration bodies around the world accept the IELTS test results for English language skills verification.

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As a student intending to go abroad you are required to pass IELTS Academics. The other type is IELTS General Training. Both tests assess your English language skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking.

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IELTS Academic

  1. The total test duration for IELTS is 2 hrs 45 minutes.
  2. IELTS Academic can be taken in a test centre either on paper or on computer.
  3. IELTS Academic can be taken in a test centre either on paper or on computer.
  4. The listening, writing and reading tests are concluded on the same day without any breaks.
  5. The listening it is scheduled two weeks in advance or post the other tests.

Cracking the 7.0 grade

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Level preparatory

Level preparatory

Level preparatory

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IELTS Test Dates India

IELTS test dates are offered upto 4 times in a month making a total of 48 fixed test dates in one calendar year. The availability of IELTS dates in India may differ for the Academic and General Training module. While the Academic version is available on all 48 dates, the General Training version is available on 24 dates. In order to create flexibility and convenience, tests are mostly held on Saturdays and Thursdays. Please note that listening, reading, writing (LRW) tests shall take place on the same day while the speaking tests will be conducted upto 7 days prior and or post the test date. It may be possible that your nearest IELTS test location may not offer the same date as another IELTS test city location.

Our Certified Teachers

Pic Meghna IELTS


Meghana has completed over 250 hours of intensive training program at IATD and is a Certified Corporate Trainer. As an IELTS trainer and successfully transformed over 100 aspirants from various levels to reach the 7+ band. She has also successfully trained 250+ members in English communication, both at the basic and intermediate levels.

Sneha Guha Thakurata

"I am a TESOL certified English language and IELTS teacher with 11 years of experience. My classes are activity based with focus on skill development for Writing task 1 & 2, Speaking, Reading & Listening. I pay special attention to student's vocabulary enhancement and grammar."

Pooja Purohit

Pooja is a certified Trainer with an experience of over 10 years. She has expertise in IELTS Coaching, Soft skills, Behavioral training, and more! She focuses on creating a conducive environment to enhance interactive discussions and training. Her passion for teaching leads to top-notch training sessions.


“With my years of experience teaching and observing results, one thing I can promise you is that this exam is more strategy than English skills alone. If you are not hitting the points that examiners are looking for, forget ever getting a 7 or more; that’s why so many native speakers keep failing the exam.”

Testimonials of Students

Anna Verkhouvykh


I was very nervous to write my IELTS exam. A family member took a class with HZad and shared it with me. I decided to take a leap and sign up for it. I’m so glad I did because I wouldn’t have done it without my kind teacher. I got my score of an overall band 8.5! Thank you so much.

Linda Adau


Hello! I received enough score to pass express entry. Thank you so much for the help! The lessons was particularly helpful. Thank you! We’ve just applied and waiting for a next draw.

Muhammad Asjad


Thanks again for cooperating with me and my schedule, and my demands. I will refer you to anybody who asks me about IELTS. I scored an overall 7.5! So happy.

Diana Fitri


I just feel like sharing this because I am over the top from happiness. I did my IELTS exam on the 14th on November I just got the results; Speaking 8 Reading 8.5 Writing 6.5 Listening 6.5 and my overall band score is 7.5. I can now apply to Finland and pursue a Masters degree there. I would like to thank you so much for all the efforts you put and specially since I watched all of your videos that gave me a broader image on a lot of topics for the IELTS exam. All my respect from Beirut, Lebanon

Okeke Arinze


I moved from band 4.5 to band 6 in a month. The feedbacks and comments were top-notch. The teachers were amazing and super helpful.

Reeta karmakar


Review about Sneha Mam. She teaches in a homely atmosphere. It makes learning easy. She is approachable and patient. I started at zero and have improved my writing, reading, and speaking skills by 85%. Mam is flexible. Since I am a working woman this is an added advantage for me.

Nandita Saha


"If you are going through my testimony just because you are planning to take up a course, my advice for you - just go for it. You can learn here spoken English in a fun filled and activity driven manner. It's exciting".

Ankita Bose


Sneha Mam is an amazing teacher and mentor. She is highly knowledgeable and connects with her students instantly. I really like her way of teaching. While explaining any topic she used to make me feel as if I am living the moment. I personally recommend her for English lessons. Thank you.

Nilay Thakur


Within a month I have learned many things. Sneha Madam is a very thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of thought into how she presents the material. Her lessons were engaging and useful. I would highly Recommend her to anyone who is interested in a professional spoken English course.

Akemi ward


I have a Japanese student who has a struggle with Indian accents at a global conference. Sneha has helped her to understand Indian accents and given her how to deal with Indian people in the business area. She always accommodates our requests and arranges lessons. Trustworthy, quick response, highly recommend!!

Bisi Agosu


She is very compassionate with her job. She is very detailed and helps with the child's active listening skills. She works on my child's creative thinking while expanding this communication skills both verbally and written.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many types of IELTS are there?

    There are two types of IELTS
    IELTS Academic – suitable for Study, and IELTS General Training – Suitable for work and immigration

  • What type of IELTS score do I need?

    For all and any study purpose, the IELTS Academic test score is applicable.

  • What is the difference between IELTS Academic and IELTS General training?

    Listening and Speaking are the same for both types. However, the writing and reading differ for both.

  • What is the cost of IELTS Academic test

    The cost is INR. 15,500 for both on Computer and on paper test types.

  • What is the registration process for giving the test?

    One can register for IELTS test online or visit nearest IDP branch to book it offline. The steps are as below: Log on to IELTS India website. Select the option ‘Register for Test.’ Select your preferred test – computer-delivered IELTS/ paper-based (IELTS). Select your test type/module – Academic IELTS (be extremely careful while choosing the module you wish to take). Pick your preferred test location/city. Select your desired date and time slot from the list of dates available. Fill up the required details and complete your online application. Remember, you will also have to upload a clear, scanned color copy of your passport to complete the process. Proceed to pay the test fee. Once your test date is booked, you will receive an acknowledgment on your registered email/phone number. For the Speaking test, you can book a slot online on your preferred date and time. If you fail to choose a slot within the stated time period, a time slot will be automatically allocated to you. What is “Payment On Delivery”?

  • What is Computer-based IELTS?

    It is the same as paper-based IELTS, only it is delivered through a desktop computer. With this, you get to choose more dates and slots and results are available within 3 – 5 days (as against 13 – 15 days for a paper-based exam). IELTS speaking however remains the same for both – which is a face-to-face interaction with a real examiner.

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