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Acelot Academy

Acelot Academy is an Institute dedicated to offer AI Powered Career Solutions; for Youth till Retirement. Solutions are custom designed for Individuals and corporations as per their scientifically derived needs and evaluated by experts.

We offer career coaching and counselling aided by psychometric tools. 

We are registered with Universities globally to register our students for their academic upskilling.

We are a Govt of India registered company and  Industry and Implementation partner of MEPSC, Skill India.

We are :

1. Registered MSME

2. Startup India, under DPITT


Acelot Academy runs various programs for Corporates and our Business Associates. Please write into us at with your query. We will be happy to connect with our solutions. You can register your query here.


The need for documents depends on the course you are undergoing.

There are details of such documents available either online along with the course that you choose or with our counselors. You can connect with our counselor here or the contact details available on the website.

Self-paced programs usually do not need any documents to be submitted.

You will be required to provide these documents to Acelot for coordinating with colleges/universities for your admission. Primarily documents needed are the transcript/degree clearly mentioning your GPA/Grades, Curriculum vitae, and Proof of English proficiency.

The new process makes it mandatory for all documents to be pre-verified before applying to any University for admission. Currently, this is in place only for Universities in Germany. For more details please click here.


You can enroll for any number of courses that is free on the platform.

Some times courses come with a duration to complete the entire course. This is as per course design. In that case the course has to be completed within the prescribed time. 

It varies from course to course and trainer to trainer.

The certificate is available in three formats: i) Free with a free course ii) Certificate is to be paid for – the course is free iii) Course is free while the course is paid This is explained at the time enrolling/buying the course. Once the course is completed Certificate will be available to you either to download for your records or uploaded to your social media handle(LinkedIn). We keep your certificate for you in your account with the Acelot Academy portal to access at any point in time.

While many of our courses are WES certified, many are in the process of getting certified. To be absolutely sure about the accreditation status of the course of your choice, click on the link here to check for WES certification. 


Acelot Academy offers a host of opportunities to Knowledge owners helping them to monetise their  Knowledge.

Opportunity 1. Host your course on the marketplace.  This has the ability to hold both self-paced and instructor-led courses. Issue your custom certificate. All this at zero cost and on an easy revenue-sharing basis.

Opportunity 2. Our custom webinar helps you to reach out to a wide audience of learners. Spread your brand or monetize your sessions. Similar pocket-friendly revenue-sharing models exist for this mode also.

Opportunity 2. We can help you with your own custom branded Learning management platform to host and monetize your knowledge.

Come join us as an instructor and make a difference in your life, as well as the lives of many others, by sharing your expertise. 

We provide unique features of using our course listing to act as the landing page for any campaign that you would want to run. What's more: for your personal campaigns you may lock the page to prevent potential buyers to do “Window Shopping” on the platform!

Connect with us at

Study Abroad

Acelot academy is registered with multiple of colleges and universities in India and Abroad. They share with us the latest and updated details of the curriculum, scholarships, and every other detail.

Our panel of expert counselors researches the best-suited course for our students who intend to enhance their academic skills by going abroad. 

Subsequently, we help students with the end-to-end application and admission process with the colleges and or universities.

SOP and LOR are the core to getting admissions abroad.  We understand the challenge and have structured ourselves to be able to help students get this very important pice in the admission process right.

We have our empaneled experts who help the students frame the documents as per the requirements of the university/college.


We understand that funds are a critical need for studies. We have arrangements for providing loans to our prospective students. The loans are either with or without collateral.

The loans are provided through our partners with whom we are registered directly or indirectly. Some of our direct and *indirect partners are HDFC cedilla, Eduvanz, SBI*, BoB*.

Our students deal directly with our partners for the best terms as per their needs and eligibility.

The approval of the loans is the sole decision of our funding partners and we play no role in this. However, our reference gives easy access to the best resources of our finance partners to our students and helps in the easy and fast processing of the loans.

VISA is a critical part of the entire study abroad process. It must be clearly understood by any VISA applicant that the final approval for VISA is given by the approved authority of the respective country.

However, getting the VISA application correct, filing it correctly, and then giving a correct interview (whenever needed) is of utmost importance.

We help our students in every step of the VISA application process whenever they desire to.

Our team of experts has more than 30+ years of experience in dealing with VISA authorities and has successfully handled VISA and PR cases for many students.

VISA services are offered through our partner network.

While there are some universities that give exceptions to ILETS score as a mandatory requirement most have some form or the other of English proficiency requirement.

The primary reason for the requirement of English is that its the most common medium of instruction in all universities. Secondly, in an international career English plays a very critical role.

It is thus in the interest of the study abroad aspirant that we recommend English proficiency to be obtained prior to starting an international career.

Some other modes which is acceptable at times are DUO Lingo, MoI etc.

It is best to check with your counselor the proficiency levels needed for a particular course/university.

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