DMIT - Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test

Fingerprint and traits analysis is based on Howard Gardner's theory - A unique assessment of 8 distinct intelligence in a person using fingerprints! Fingerprint and traits analysis is based on Howard Gardner's theory - A unique assessment of 8 distinct intelligence in a person using fingerprints!

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DMIT - Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test

Fingerprint and traits analysis is based on Howard Gardner's theory - A unique assessment of 8 distinct intelligence in a person using fingerprints! Fingerprint and traits analysis is based on Howard Gardner's theory - A unique assessment of 8 distinct intelligence in a person using fingerprints!

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Program Overview

Key Highlights
  • AI based psychomteric profiling

  • One on One counseling session

  • Upto 95% correct

  • Career choice prediction

  • Discover your talents

  • Know the 9 intelligence types


Have you ever wondered which profession would be the best fit for you?
Dermatoglyphics analysis can help you make this decision for yourself. Statistics show that the accuracy rate of Dermatoglyphics analysis can be around 95%.
The dermatoglyphic analysis is based on Howard Gardner's Theory about the Multiple Intelligence Profiling, i.e., a unique assessment of 8 distinct intelligence in a person which sets a person apart from others. 


What is Dermatoglyphics?
Dermatoglyphics is the study of the pattern on fingers. Fingerprint patterns and inner intelligence are related to each other.

These patterns are unique, heavily linked with one's genetic composition, and are closely related to our nervous system, which can reveal our intrinsic qualities and talents.

Each finger represents different abilities, and each pattern has its own definition. With this help, a person's personality and hidden talents can be evaluated and consequently classified.

The fingerprints provide an accurate analysis of humans' Multiple Intelligences and inborn potential and talents

How it helps

DMIT measures:

  • The behavioral pattern
  • Left and right hemisphere potential
  • Learning style and pattern preferred
  • Stress response system
  • 5 different quotients – Intelligence Quotients (IQ), Emotional Quotients (EQ), Adversity Quotient (AQ), Creativity Quotient (CQ) and Spirituality Quotient (SQ)

DMIT includes an understanding of brain potential.

Benefits by Age

 Kids - Age 2 to 6 years


1. Aids in figuring out things like his or her personality and acquisition style.

2. Enhances the parent-child interaction by assisting in effective parenting.

3. Find your child's hidden brilliance.

4. Find out a child's intrinsic talents and enables you to discover the innate qualities that God has given each person.

5, Exposes a number of innate traits of children, including quotients, left-right brain dominance, level and distribution of multiple intelligences, personality traits, SWOT  analysis, etc.

The aforementioned factors assist parents in comprehending their children and handling their tantrums appropriately. This in turn aids in providing your child with effective parenting.



Students - Age 7 to 12 years


DMIT identifies your preferred learning style, which will help you achieve higher in class with less effort as you learn where to focus your efforts.

Albert Einstein once said, "Every child is a genius; yet, if you evaluate a fish by the capacity to climb a tree, it would live its entire life believing that it is stupid."

Results from DMIT aligns expectations for parents. It aids parents in overcoming the tendency to compare their kids to their friends, which occasionally results in parents criticising their own kids.


Even identical twins have separate brains, different fingerprints, and possibly their own fundamental abilities, according to DMIT.

Every youngster can focus on their core abilities or inborn traits with the aid of DMIT.

According to DMIT, there are three types of learning: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Once you identify your preferred method of learning, you can go to work and produce excellent outcomes.

Every child is gifted; all that has to be done to maximise the outcomes is to figure out what they are good at and work in that area, as determined by the DMIT Test.



Stream/Subject Selection  - Age 13 to 16 years


Based on intrinsic intelligence, DMIT identifies the best job path. The first step in choosing a career for a student is choosing a stream or subject. All additional buttons on a shirt fall into place if the first button is inserted into the correct hole. Also, keep in mind that there is no reverse in life.

DMIT is far more trustworthy than other psychometric tools for determining career alternatives, and its results remain constant over the course of your life.

Results from the DMIT are neither influenced by a person's state of mind while taking the test nor are they susceptible to fraud.

DMIT helps us strive toward a secure job, climb high with minimal effort, and maintain happiness by revealing our comfort or potential zones.



Career Planning and Roadmap - Age 16 years and above


DMIT Test not only reveals the best Stream to choose after 10th, in fact it helps in designing the complete career roadmap for life.

DMIT Test helps in determining the relative strength of brain lobes, and these strengths can be in turn mapped with various career options.

As per Dr. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, any task we do, we use a combination of Multiple Intelligences. The same is true for our career path. So, it’s a major benefit of DMIT Test that based on strengths of individual, we can find the right career and accordingly, a career roadmap can be built.

Using your comfort zones as a guide, the DMIT Test helps you select your top three job options. It has nothing to do with foretelling the future and cannot determine if you will pursue a career as an engineer or a doctor. However, it might undoubtedly indicate whether or not you will be satisfied in life if you choose to become a doctor as a career.

A precise DMIT study covers all job alternatives, including new age career options.

Our career counsellor can use the report to help you choose the best professional route and guide you on a journey from uncertainty to clarity by providing you with the answers to the questions -"What to Do," "Why to Do," and "How to Do."



 Test for Corporate Counselling

DMIT can be a great tool for finding the best applicant for a specific job profile.

The Corporate DMIT study includes a number of criteria that are exclusive to this market segment.

DMIT supports an employee's individual counselling, can increase their energy levels by pointing them in the proper direction, and can accommodate their comfort zones by figuring out what makes them happy.

DMIT-based counselling aids in lowering an organization's staff attrition rate.

It aids in lowering employee annoyance and raises job happiness, which in turn boosts work output.




How to do test?


Learn about:

  • The right careers that match your interests
  • Potential education and training programs that can assist you in achieving career objectives.
  • Your inner self
  • Your unique potential
  • Your personality profile: DISC
  • Your various quotients:
    • Intelligence,
    • Emotional,
    • Adversity, and
    • creativity
  • About your Brain Hemisphere dominance –  left-brained or right-brained?
  • The unique ridge patterns in fingerprints are used in Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT)
    • DMIT combines the scientific study of brain lobes, 9 multiple intelligence, and human psychology
    • The test works based on understanding from Neuroscience, Genetics, Dermatoglyphics, Psychology, and Embryology
    • The learning programs can be customized by understanding the learning style through the test


The DMIT Test is a valuable tool for determining people's comfort zones. There are various applications of DMIT Test:

  • Career counselling: This Career counselling is urgently needed in many cities. As a result, DMIT can be an excellent tool for determining the best job alternatives based on inborn intelligence.
  • Behavior Counselling:  Since the DMIT test can predict an individual's behaviour, it is a great tool for behaviour counselling.
  • Academic Counselling: Since every child is unique, we may use DMIT to customise their learning plans. As a result, DMIT will support achieving academic excellence.
  • Couple/Relationship Counselling: Today, we observe that urban life is rather different and difficult, and the demand for counsellors has increased due to the growing differences between couples. DMIT Test is a great tool for helping people understand one another scientifically and get past their differences.



Grace Arun


A certified Consultant in Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis, using fingerprints. For both Individuals and Corporate.



Trained in Image Management and Soft skills from ICBI, accredited by NABET – National Accreditation Board for Education and Training, which is one of the Constituent Boards of Quality Council of India and SQA as part of the Train the Trainer course.

Awarded the Nav Durga award for Women’s Day for contribution towards the Corporate field.

Nomination by FICCI  FLO for contribution towards Education, in 2016.
She is a  professional with over 20 years of hands-on work experience in corporates. Worked in  segments like Airlines, Media, and Telecom.  In Distribution, Retail and Enterprise; handling Sales, Service and Operations. Worked with organisations like Vodafone, Times of India and Modiluft.

Everything about: DMIT - Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test

This is an AI-based psychometric profiling that helps you take knowledgeable career choices. 

Fingerprint patterns and inner intelligence are related to each other. Each finger represents different abilities, and each pattern has its own definition. With this help, a person's personality and hidden talents can be evaluated and consequently classified.

You will get a detailed psychological profile of yours with the report on 9 intelligence types. A certified psychologist will explain the report through a one-on-one session. 

You can also book a career counseling session to decide how to achieve the career path as per your report.

Dermatoglyphics is the study of fingerprints and the patterns they make. It is used to learn more about a person's personality, health and abilities by looking at the unique patterns in their fingerprints. The science of fingerprint analysis is used in many fields such as forensic, medicine and psychology . In simple terms, it is using fingerprints to understand more about the person and what might be unique to them.

The following five areas are being assessed using dermatoglyphics: the superior order of brain function, learning how to use a sharp ability, visual, auditory, and somatosensory learning the correct channels, and the structure of the superior order of brain function. Fourth, communication patterns; fifth, the possibility for eight different types of intellect. In actuality, every child has particular qualifications and potential, but frequently, parents are unaware of these qualities. Dermatoglyphics exams can assist parents in grasping their children's distinct qualities and potential, understanding their clear mind and brain cells, and the distribution function of strength.

Both. Dermatoglyphics is based on numerous scientists, including medical scientists from the fields of "genetics," "Embryology," "Dermatoglyphics," "brain science," and other science-based disciplines. These scientists used observation, recording, contrast, and inductive learning methods, combined with clinical experience, and ultimately came to the following conclusion: From the striae we can accurately analyse the child's multiple intelligences and potential personality.


No, the striae test has as its foundation the most recent scientific and medical research. Apart from that, palm readers focus on handheld staff recessed lines that change over time, while dermatoglyphics testing relates to the growth in human hands and projecting ridges on the bottoms of the feet.

Dermatoglyphics test is not an IQ test, and DMIT is an intelligent narrowing definition of striae test of multiple intelligences, including linguistic intelligence, logical and mathematical intelligence, spatial intelligence, body-kinesthetic intelligence, musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, introspective intelligence, and last but not least naturalist intelligence, which is included in the eight intelligences.

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