IELTS Academics - Self Paced

Study at your own pace, at your own time from a place of your convenience. Study at your own pace, at your own time from a place of your convenience.

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IELTS Academics - Self Paced

Study at your own pace, at your own time from a place of your convenience. Study at your own pace, at your own time from a place of your convenience.

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Program Overview

Key Highlights
  • 07 days Money back guarantee

  • 15 hours of Self paced program

  • Copy paste templates

  • Live practice sessions

  • 10 yrs experienced faculty

  • Examiner marking secret


MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!   no-obligation and no-risk. 

If you don’t see any improvement, just let us know and get a 100% refund, no questions asked. That’s how confident we are in our program! 
This course was compiled by top tutors with the help of two of Canada’s former IELTS examiners who have loaded the course with all the secrets the examination board does not want you to know!
The strategies that this course covers target the REAL LIFE examination situations and marking criteria; aarived at after years of teaching thousands of IELTS candidates and observing what makes them successful and what makes them fail.
The specifics of this course are all targeted towards satisfying every single examiner requirement since that is the biggest takeaway students need to understand for this exam.
Much of the material provided is much harder than the real exam! This allows candidates to be prepared for any uncertainty, surprises, or difficult exam.
We have used the best practices that have been applied to score band marks between the 8.5 - 9 range.



What you will learn

  • IELTS tips & tricks on writing, speaking, listening, and reading.

  • Understand why people always fail in writing and what 8+ band scorers do.

  • Upgrade your IELTS grammar and vocabulary by using ready-made templates.

  • What level is required for an 8+ on all modules, especially writing and speaking.

  • The examiner marking criteria.

  • Write complex sentences and phrases proven to give you the ‘range of vocabulary’ mark.

  • 200+ IELTS-based words.

  • Master the art of keywords and paraphrasing for reading and listening.



Curriculum for this course
67 Lessons 19:44:42 Hours
6 Lessons 00:54:13 Hours
  • Intro: Class 1.1 00:19:15
  • Intro: Class 1.2 00:11:07
  • Intro: Class 1.3 00:06:16
  • Intro: Class 1.4 00:07:15
  • Intro: Class 1.5 00:06:08
  • Intro: Class 1.6 00:04:12
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What is covered?

Understanding Writing:

  • The use of writing templates that can be copied and pasted in every question
  • Examples of writing questions
  • Sample writing answers (good and bad)
  • Writing structures and task response


Upgrading Writing:

  • Use of correct and complex punctuation marks

  • Use of complex vocabulary

  • Use of complex phrases

  • Use of complex sentences

  • Understanding basic wordings and how to remove them

  • Learning the magic connectors that examiners deeply admire

  • Understanding what ‘low frequency’ vocabulary means and how to use it

  • Develop a flow of thoughts

  • Learning daily vocabulary exercises that can build it overtime

  • Understanding how to brainstorm and proofread effectively

  • Understanding how to manage the word limit and time expectation

  • Get a separate template for each type of Task 2 question


Removing Speaking Errors:

  • Working on fillers

  • Working on content and time management

  • Using ready-made templates (copy/paste)

  • Working on defining the primary and secondary points in Parts 1 and 2

  • Having quality points versus quantity points

  • Making sure task response is understood

  • Having accurate descriptions based on complete structures

  • How to use proper eye contact and gestures with the examiner

  • Getting lifetime speaking practice resources


Upgrading Speaking:

  • Avoiding basic words and replacing them with low frequency vocabulary

  • Using complex words, phrases, and sentences

  • Effectively using connectors and phrasal verbs

  • Learning common mistakes in task response and how to avoid them every time

  • Learning how to define answers in-depth but within the time limit

  • Good and bad speaking samples

  • How to practice and assess speaking on your own

  • How to use the right tone for formal and informal topics



  • How to quickly find answers without reading everything

  • How to understand the question and options without falling into the paraphrasing trap

  • How to find the part of the passage to read for particular questions

  • How to use keywords to your advantage

  • How to get answers from the tone of the discussion

  • How to differentiate among specific questions techniques (true/false, headings, etc.)

  • How to manage time effectively

  • How to pick between two close answers

  • How to eliminate the incorrect answers

  • How to use the correct tone to answer questions (if your time is limited)

  • How to make your comprehension skills sharper



  • Mastering the art of preparation

  • How to listen and remember particular information

  • How to anticipate questions

  • How to pick the best option among multiple choice questions

  • How to understand the sequence and speed of the transcript

  • Learning to combine preparation time, listening time and revision time effectively

  • Learn how to differentiate among two or more close options

  • Develop a system of organizing dozens of pieces of information

  • Learn how to summarize the conversation in your head

  • Learn how to paraphrase the question to relate with the conversation

  • Learn how to sharpen English listening skills

  • Be alert about unexpected exam surprises


Bonus Lessons:

  • Understand the examiner marking criteria

  • Learn what kind of samples get students 8+ in writing and speaking

  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of all modules

  • Avoid student and examiner traps

  • Understand how the actual exam environment will be like

  • Learn your best approach if this is your 2nd, 3rd or a later attempt

  • Understand how this course gets you closer to your immigration dreams

  • Improve your overall English skills in the process

  • Learn how each point improvement works and how you will be scored

  • Develop a system where you can practice, assess and improve continuously

  • Be flooded with tons of resources, support, material, and techniques

  • Develop confidence in your ability to ensure your next attempt will be your final attempt




If you are frustrated with being stuck at a 6.5 and not crossing a 7, or if you have heard the horror stories of people who have failed IELTS 10 times or more, please don’t be alarmed! The reason that happens is that people think this is just an English exam!


With my years of experience teaching and observing results, one thing I can promise you is that this exam is more strategy than English skills alone. If you are not hitting the points that examiners are looking for, forget ever getting a 7 or more; that’s why so many native speakers keep failing the exam.

Fortunately, we have steps ready that have been proven to deliver results for anyone who uses them. Time and time again, we have rescued candidates from a vicious circle of constant failures. There have been students who have scored 8+ in all modules but just 6 in writing (this is very common).

However, after taking this course, they understand some very important aspects of task response and vocabulary, which people often underestimate. Just the mere understanding of that has pushed these students over an 8!

What I am trying to say here is that you don’t need hours of English improvement lessons; that’s a common misconception. Once again, what you need to learn is ‘how to make the examiner happy?’ You do, of course, improve several aspects of your English in the process and come out a great speaker, writer and someone who can easily relate with native speakers.

If you love your time and money and don’t want to fall into the vicious circle of constant failures, purchase my course, and within a few minutes of starting it, you will realize that you have made the best investment of your life!"


About this course IELTS Academics - Self Paced

On average students fail IELTS 5 times. That means you spend months in rebooking and pay over $1,500 in registration costs alone! It also means you waste a ton of your energy only to end up demotivated, and finally, consider this course or more coaching. This course is a surefire way to avoid all the above while learning amazing English skills that you will use for the rest of your life.

Yes, the course is online and contains PDFs as well as video files that cover all the lectures and content you need.It will be available to you for a lifetime.

If you personally haven’t found value or seen any improvement within 07 (seven) days of purchasing this course, just send us an email and we will refund 100% of your money. Hence, you get to try this completely risk-free! Note: Refund will be on to the same account from which payment has been made to buy the course. India Tax rules will be applicable.

Since this is a self-paced course, you can start and finish this within a day, a week, a month or several months, as you like. You can also repeat the whole course once done. It will be all based on your schedule and preferences.

Yes, the course will provide you resources, tasks and specific homework that you can work on in your free time.

The most exam-related learning materials and mock tests are included as part of the course, making this course the cheapest IELTS course online for the value it delivers! The 10 mock tests are the hardest test questions you will ever see for IELTS and each mock test covers all 4 modules.

It will be too late after the exam once you go in completely blind and are surprised by how difficult the real thing is. Some prep is better than zero prep.

Even if you take 10 out of the 15 hours of this course, you can probably increase your expected score by 0.5 points at least. However, you can also try to finish this course in just 2 days and that’s all you would need to be fully ready! You wouldn’t need to look anywhere else online.

₹1999 ₹5999 67% off

This course has a 07-day Free look period. Full refund with no questions asked! Write in to [email protected] for refunds.

This course includes:

    • image 19:44:42 Hours On demand videos
    • image 23 Section
    • image 67 Lessons
    • image Full lifetime access

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