Learn the vital skills needed to help keep the world supplied with everything they need. [90 ECTS]... Learn the vital skills needed to help keep the world supplied with everything they need. [90 ECTS]

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This programme is geared towards making you a successful supply chain professional who can handle dynamic, scalable, connected and smart supply chains.



Today, industries like e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, hospitality and many others are actively looking for efficient supply chain management. Supply chain management is a multi-disciplinary and exciting field that trains you to plan for new projects, source and provide logistical support, decide production methods, decide effective ways for distribution and calculate risk at all stages.



A specialisation in this field will give you a well-rounded understanding of supply chain management focusing on aspects like global trade, retail, risk management, sustainability, enterprise resource planning, sales & operations planning, sourcing and procurement and supply chain optimisation.

Your future career path with an MBA specialising in Supply Chain Management


There are a myriad of career options available to MBA supply chain management graduates.


Supply chain management specialists are very much in demand as analysts who can judge industry-wide trends and optimally apply them.


They may also be required to analyse product life cycles, better manufacturing infrastructure, survey international logistics, oversee staffing and monitor distribution and sales.


As a graduate, you will also have the option of working independently or working in a third party consultancy. You can then perform research and analysis to present supply chain solutions to other businesses.


Careers such as an Industry analyst, project manager, supply chain consultant, transportation director, global logistics manager, and purchasing manager are some of the lucrative career options that you can pursue. 


curriculum for this course
3 lessons
1 lessons
  • Leadership Innovation and Entrepreneurship #Corporate Finance # International Marketing # Managerial Economics # Performance Measurement
  • Strategic Management # Business Ethics and Corporate Governance # Operations and Information Management # Supply Chain and Sourcing Management # Aspects of International Management
  • Capstone Project Thesis & Defence

Academic criteria: 

  1. Completed degree from a public or officially recognised university/higher education institution

  2. At least a “satisfactory” or Grade C equivalent earned in your previous education

  3. Your undergraduate studies must amount to 180 ECTS for an 90-ECTS MBA. 

Work Experience

  • You will need to submit proof of at least one year’s qualified work experience completed prior to the start of the study programme (the work experience must be gained after the completion of your undergraduate studies).


  • For MBA programmes, you will also need to have completed a second year of professional work experience before graduating.


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