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Udemy online courses

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Finding Courses

You need to follow the following steps:

  1. Register yourself as a user Acelot Academy site.
  2. Follow the menu on the header Affiliate courses > Udemy Courses
  3. Type your course name in the search bar.
  4. Click on the course - it will take you to the Udemy site. 

Start learning by purchasing the course on the Udemy site.

Please write in to info@acelot.in with the subject "Udemy course"

Attach the URL of the course as it appears on the udemy.com site. We will share the link back to you which will make you eligible for the cash back.

We make the best effort to keep the course content and pricing as current as possible. However, if you still see a difference please go by the price as visible on the udemy.com site.

You will need to complete the purchase on the same day when you have reached the Udemy site from the Acelot Academy site. If by any chance you are unable to complete the purchase the same day, you will need to follow the same process again.

In case a URL has been provided the validity of the cashback will be mentioned in the mail.

A direct purchase on Udemy site does not qualify for any cash back.

Cash back

The cashback will be processed once the following events happen:

  1. Acelot gets the confirmation of purchase from Udemy.
  2. The 30-day free look period is over.
  3. Acelot has received the cashback.

This whole process should take between 60 - 90 days. The cash back amount is net of all applicable taxes.

Please check the 'steps to be completed for cash back payouts' to get the payment in your account.


Please follow the following steps to ensure the cash cashback is done.

  • Notify Acelot of your purchase on info@acelot.in
  • Mark the subject line as ' Cash Back - Udemy Course'
  •  Attach the URL of the course purchased by you.
  • Mention the bank details where you want the cashback:.
    • Bank name
    • Account holder name
    • Account No.
    • IFSC code

You will be eligible for cashback for all courses which have been purchased following the process as mentioned here.

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