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Acelot Advantage

Admission Process

Yes. The counseling is free. However, there is an application fee of INR 25000/- for processing the application.

The application fees are to be paid for initiating the admission process for any online or offline degree course.

This amount that is paid as application fees:

#  will be adjusted against the final fees that are to be paid for the selected course. 

#  In case the full fees are to be paid to the college/university the amount will be refunded after the expiry of the admission cancellation period as per the terms laid out by the college or university in which admission is taken.

#  In case admission is denied by the colleges, the entire amount is refundable without any deductions. 

#  In case an admission offer letter is issued by the college and subsequently not accepted by the student there is no refund of the application fees. Acelot Academy will help with admission to alternate colleges as per the request of the student.

Visa Assistance

Yes. We provide VISA assistance to students seeking admission to foreign universities. Services are provided by our partner network.

Bank Loan Assistance

Yes. We offer education loans to students seeking admission to Indian colleges. The eligibility and terms of the loans are determined by our partners. A loan program for foreign studies will be announced shortly.

Scholarship Assistance

Yes. There are two types of service that we offer:

1. Universities with direct ties to AA We advise students on the available scholarship opportunities and requirements for obtaining them. The colleges offer scholarships and the counseling is free

2. In cases where AA does not have direct tie-ups with universities or colleges, Acelot provides a similar service. However, with Acelot, a consultancy fee is charged to the student for preparing them for admission and scholarship.

Suitable course

Students can also take the Acelot Pychyometeric Profiling and the DM tests to find out their passion and aspirations and accordingly determine the course they need.

Career Assistance

Most colleges have their placement cells with company tie-ups for campus placement. The records of placement are available on our website and the sites of the colleges and universities.

Online/Offline Assistance

Besides online courses, Acelot Academy offers offline courses as well. Colleges with direct ties to Acelot Academy receive free counseling. Other colleges pay a small fee.


At this point, this facility is only available with Tier 1 colleges where we provide end-to-end Consultancy services. (Entrance exams, resume building, and interviews). For other tier colleges, this facility is not available.

Course Language

Currently, we are dealing with only colleges that deliver courses in the English language.

Accommodation Assistance

We can help students tie up with such verticals for accommodation assistance. We are forming partner tie-ups for structured support on housing soon.

Acelot Academy Support

Yes. We are here to support you till the time of enrollment.

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