Campus to Corporate

Campus to Corporate - GET THAT JOB! Campus to Corporate - GET THAT JOB!

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Campus to Corporate

Campus to Corporate - GET THAT JOB! Campus to Corporate - GET THAT JOB!

Acelot Created by Acelot Academy Last updated Tue, 16-May-2023  English

Program Overview


This modiule will help you to improve and manage yourselves as BRAND.The following topics will help in this  engagement.

Effective Communication is a must have for anyone, more so those who are professionals. By mastering professional communication, the potential for misunderstandings occurring can be minimised. Through this module, you can master the 7Cs of Communication, increase your engagement with all levels and help enhance your presence in the workplace.

Interview skills are crucial to make a mark in facing an Interview, for any professional. This session will take you through tips and tricks, that will help you get hired. Itwill help overcome the fears of facing an interviewTo win your job you need both technical and non-technical skills. Non-technical skills like personality, body language and verbal communication are more important and play a vital role in cracking an interview

Group Discussion- The purpose of a Group discussion is not to win an argument or to amuse your classmates. The purpose of a discussion is to help each group member explore and discover personal meanings of a text through interaction with other people. All professionals face scenarios where they need to handle situations of discussions and stating their point of view in a group.


Negotiation Skills- Each one of us negotiate on a daily basis. On a personal level, we negotiate with friends, family and employers, among others. Negotiation is also the key to business success. No business can survive without profitable contracts. Within a company, negotiation skills can lead to your career advancement.


Grooming - plays a major role in maintaining a high self-esteem and self-confidence. It does this by influencing your appearance, which in turn affects the way you regard yourself. When your hair looks neat and beautiful, and your gel manicure is still intact, you can observe how your confidence will rise. Personal grooming is all about presenting yourself in the best possible way focussing on personal hygiene and cleanliness. The way you treat the work environment and more importantly, how you treat yourself would be speaking volumes about who you are?

Effective presentation skillsare a part of communication. You need effective presentation skills to present your ideas, projects, plans, strategies, and products in front of the audience, team, and front of venture capitalists online and offline. In this interaction, it’s important to have technical and non-technical presentation skills to achieve the end goal. Every student or professional must be adept in Presentation abilities for their enhanced growth, in their work domain.

What you wll learn

Prove oneself as a worthy candidate in an interview.      


Be clear about the importance of self presentation.    


Decision-Making Capacity is augmented .   


Makes you a Winner in a Group Discussion!


Adapt your negotiation style to suit the context of the situation.


One feels extra confident about themselves.       


One can radiate a sense of self-esteem.         


One can make lasting impressions quickly.     


One is more likely to draw positive attention.          



Curriculum for this course
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  • Effective Communication
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