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12-Jul-2022 Entrepreneurship Team Acelot Academy


There is hardly anyone who doesn’t want to get rich or hasn’t thought of starting their own business. But have you ever thought about why such plans remain to be just a dream for most people?


Every business or start-up has 6 pillars at the base:

1. Product: Every successful or even incumbent start-up has a product that is relevant to the current and future market and is tangible and scalable according to the growing and changing demands.

2. Operations: Any organization without efficient management of operations cannot achieve its true potential. And it is critical for a start-up to manage its operations properly just to exist in the market.

3. Sales: What use is a product that you cannot sell? Sales are necessary to generate the cash flow that is further invested into operations and development and research activities for the product. 

4. Cash Flow Management: Tracking how much money you have for your business from one point to another is a crucial task. It helps in predicting how much money you will have for your business in the future.

5. Customer Lifecycle Management: Approach, Acquisition, Development, Retention, and Loyalty, the end result of a successful CLM strategy is Brand Advocates who promote your business in their social circles, in addition, to continuing doing business with you.

6. Time and Resource Management: With operations as a subset, time and resource management deals with optimizing the efforts offered and time consumed by everyone in the company.


A start-up cannot survive if any of these pillars are weak. Whereas an ideal start-up team setup involves at least 3 people to handle these tasks.

Acelot Innovation Private Limited has come up with a business concept where we provide the Product from established MSMEs that have their own Operations Team, personnel for Cash-Flow Management, and for Time and Resource Management. The products are provided to individuals who are adept in Sales and Customer Lifecycle Management and have an inherent entrepreneurial spirit. These individuals are known as Acelopreneurs.


The Ideal Acelopreneur-

An individual with the skillset of a sales executive and the mindset of an entrepreneur is an ideal Acelopreneur. Let’s delve into the qualities of an Acelopreneur-

1. Competence: An obsession with progress and self-improvement is the mark of a professional. It helps the person be relevant in the current market and find new ways of reaching out to people and get them hooked.

2. People’s Person: An acelopreneur is great at initiating, engaging, and holding a conversation with prospective clients.

3. Client-First Approach: A client-first approach not only helps carry out sales easily but will also establish a long-lasting business relationship with the prospective clients for future endeavors.

4. Reliability: The acelopreneur works as a bridge between the clients and the MSMEs. Reliability is a virtue much needed for this role and acelopreneurs should be able to do everything that they commit to the client.

5. Poise: Setbacks happen. They are a part of the job. But a truly professional acelopreneur chooses to investigate the possible solutions instead of panicking. They can take corrective actions and handle the situation without putting any adverse impact on the result.


All being said the most important quality for success and for being an Ideal Acelopreneur is:

Entrepreneurial Mindset: Not everyone can say that they have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is someone who doesn’t depend on a single source of income. He is fearless takes risks, enters into unchartered territories to get the task done, works hard and relentlessly till a task is complete, and is more inclined to earn profits than a fixed salary. An entrepreneur is a person who understands that his true potential is more important than safeguarding jobs.


Benefits of Being an Acelopreneur-

A person with the above set of qualities is sure to be looking for something that cannot be defined with terms like a lucrative career or prosperous future. But Financial Freedom is certainly on their mind. Here are a few benefits of becoming an Acelopreneur:


1. No Age Limit: You might be in your early 40s and thinking that it is not your game now and putting your dreams to their deathbed, but in a study at MIT Sloan it was found that the average age of entrepreneurs who started a company and hired at least one employee is 42 years old. 

2. Training: Even the best of minds need to have a grasp on the basics. And when you are dealing with a market as vast as the B2B sector, knowledge and skills need to be updated regularly. And what is better than being trained by the forerunners of the B2B sector?

3. Curated Products: What you will have in your arsenal is a curated set of products that are already tried and tested in the market and are generating revenues for those who made them. Your task is to sell them better and faster.

4. No Worries: You don’t have to worry about the product development lifecycle or the operations or the cash flow. All you need to take care of is an Outstanding Customer Experience. The best marketing strategy is to make your customer your brand’s voice.

5. Direct Selling Benefits: You would have heard about how your friend-of-a-friend, or just simply your friend, or even one of your relatives became a millionaire working with Direct Selling B2C companies like Amway or Tupperware. Well it’s true, those companies have made millionaires. But the process is slow and you must cater to a lot many people to achieve that goal. 


An Acelopreneur can easily achieve that goal within a year. Crack a deal and earn commission every month till the lifetime of the project. Crack many deals and earn commission on various projects. Simple as that!

So, an Acelopreneur gets to earn as much as they want without worrying about the product or the operations part of the business.

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