M.Sc. Computer Science- 120 ECTS

Gain knowledge of cutting-edge technologies such as software engineering, cyber security, and artificial intelligence with our online Master's degree in Computer Science. Gain knowledge of cutting-edge technologies such as software engineering, cyber security, and artificial intelligence with our online Master's degree in Computer Science.

International Created by International University of Applied Sciences| Germany Last updated Thu, 20-Jul-2023  English

M.Sc. Computer Science- 120 ECTS

Gain knowledge of cutting-edge technologies such as software engineering, cyber security, and artificial intelligence with our online Master's degree in Computer Science. Gain knowledge of cutting-edge technologies such as software engineering, cyber security, and artificial intelligence with our online Master's degree in Computer Science.

International Created by International University of Applied Sciences| Germany Last updated Thu, 20-Jul-2023  English

Program Overview

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The field of IT is changing rapidly and becoming a pacemaker for the digital society of the future. If you've already completed your Bachelor's degree in IT or a related discipline, you can continue your journey with our online Master's degree in Computer Science. Specializations in Data Science, Cyber Security, and Artificial Intelligence are in high demand, offering numerous opportunities across various industries. Your Master's degree will equip you with the skills necessary to succeed in the international job market.

Study Content

Online course overview

The Master's degree in Computer Science is a four-semester programme. During the first semester, you will focus on software engineering and enhance your understanding of mathematical and statistical principles. Additionally, you will develop skills in the areas of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in your first year.

Moving ahead, in the second semester, you will delve into the design, evaluation, and application of algorithms. You will also begin exploring the topics of Cyber Security and Data Protection.

The third semester will involve two compulsory elective modules. You will also analyze the latest issues in IT, evaluate the influence of your work as a computer scientist on society, and examine networked systems.

Upon completion of the programme, you will work on your Master's thesis and participate in an oral examination (worth 30 ECTS). This will give you the opportunity to apply the knowledge you have gained independently to a specific problem using scientific methods, and to present and defend your results.

Please note that the course sequence outlined below pertains to the online studies model of this programme.

Sample Certificate

Dual Degree

With the IU and LSBU (London South Bank University) dual degree , you get a unique opportunity – you can choose if you want to graduate with both a German and a British graduation certificate, without any extra academic requirements. The study programmes at IU and at LSBU are coordinated and therefore equivalent to each other.

Start your studies at IU, and if you want to apply for your British certificate* all you have to do is send in your application and pay the required fee. As an MBA student, please make sure that you have at least 2+ years of relevant work experience at the time of your application.** You’ll then be awarded a degree from LSBU following your graduation if all of your study requirements have been fulfilled successfully.

Graduate with a German Bachelor’s, MBA or Master’s degree – along with a UK Bachelor’s with Honours (Hons), MBA or Master’s.


About LSBU

London South Bank University is well-known for its impressive internationality, as testified by over 18,000 students from more than 130 countries. Similar to IU, LSBU has also been awarded multiple awards and praised for its focus on improving graduates’ career opportunities.

Our cooperation was born out of one goal: to help you get the best jobs in the world with a dual degree.


Here’s how it works:

Get in touch with our Student Advisory Team, send in your application form and receive your British graduation certificate after you’ve successfully graduated from IU.


*only available for selected study programmes: B.Sc. Data Science, B.Sc. Computer Science, B.A.A. Business Administration, B.A. International Management, M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence (120 ECTS), M.Sc. Computer Science (120 ECTS), M.Sc. Data Science (120 ECTS), MBA with electives 90 ECTS (Big Data, Engineering, Finance & Accounting, IT, Marketing, E-Sports Management, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Artificial Intelligence, Salesforce).

**A false declaration about this will prevent LSBU from awarding the certificate

Ratings & Rankings

IU University wins awards for quality education and support, including 5-star rating, top ranks in QS and CHE University Rankings, and DtGV and eLearning Journal Awards.

AIU Member


The career outlook for your Master's degree in Computer Science

Upon completion of your online Master's degree in Computer Science, a variety of career paths will be available to you, including opportunities in the private sector, public sector, or self-employment. Potential job titles include:


As a specialist in data science and artificial intelligence, your role as a software developer involves creating and implementing software, from individual components to complete applications. Your expertise allows you to efficiently translate complex algorithms into software that is optimized for this environment. Collaborating with users from various departments, you design solutions that enable efficient storage and analysis of large volumes of data, ultimately providing answers to their queries.



As a security expert specializing in data science and AI, your role is to ensure the safety and integrity of data and associated infrastructure against potential threats or damage. You work closely with software development and IT operations teams, as well as end-users, to identify risks and implement appropriate security measures.



The role of a data engineer entails overseeing the complete data cycle including creation, storage, and maintenance. It also involves the monitoring and management of the hardware and software infrastructure. As a data expert, you are accountable for ensuring system stability and compliance with security and data protection protocols. This includes procuring, designing, and installing essential components.

Accreditations and Awards

IU is system accredited and programme accredited, approved by ZFU for distance learning, and has received accolades for digital education from FIBAA and German Council.

Tution Fees

Online study model & fees for your Bachelor degree in Computer Science

Career Advisor


Need more clarification? Read our Blog on Germany!


Admission M.Sc. Computer Science- 120 ECTS

How To Start Your Degree with the Scholarship Programme:

Once you've enrolled and started on your studies, you'll have access to a part of your courses, based on the time model you choose. You will be registered as a student only after 50% of the total ECTS have been successfully completed. Then you will gain access to the rest of your courses, and will be able to finish your degree.

The admissions documents must be provided in English or German, if they were not issued in one of these two languages, a translation is required. If you need to translate your documents, we can help refer you to our trusted translation partners. You can find more details here.

Admission Requirements for 120-ECTS: 

  • Completed, undergraduate degree with 180 ECTS with a focus on Computer Science or computer-related subjects 
  • Your degree must be from a state or state-recognised higher education institution/university  
  • You must have achieved a final grade of at least “satisfactory” or Grade C equivalent in your previous undergraduate degree

Start your online degree with our Scholarship Programme and receive a scholarship up to 75%! 

Start in our Scholarship Programme as a participant with immediate access to 50% of your courses. You can do this by taking our Entrance Examination which will be included in your course as part of the Scholarship Programme. Once you have handed in all admission documents and the courses are completed, you can go on to finish your degree. 

Questions? Speak to your study advisor, they will guide you through every step of the process. 

Is your undergraduate degree not in the required subject field for this programme's 120 ECTS points variation admission requirements? You can still apply! You'll have to take 2 specific courses at the start of your studies, and pass them successfully in order to continue with your studies. That way, you don't have to take an entrance examination, and can prove your skills while earning ECTS points as part of your studies. 

  • Proof of at least one year’s qualified work experience completed prior to the start of the study programme (the work experience must be gained after the completion of your undergraduate studies).
  • Don’t have a year’s worth of qualified work experience? Don’t worry! With the Scholarship Programme, you can start your studies right away, and gain your professional experience alongside your studies. You’ll need to achieve the one year’s worth of experience before you complete your Scholarship Programme.
  • You can provide us a translation of your employment contract and your pay slip or you can ask your company to fill out this form in English, sign it, apply the company stamp and send it to us:
    Proof of work experience (EN)
    Proof of work experience (NL)
    Proof of work experience (ES)
    Proof of work experience (IT)
    Proof of work experience (FR)


At IU, we teach in English to prepare you for the international work market. Therefore, we ask you to provide us with a proof of your English language skills. 

Is English your native language or have you graduated from an English-speaking school or university? Then you do not need to prove your English language skills. 

You can prove your English skills with an English B2 level certificate (no older than 5 years). Don’t have this at hand? No problem! You can quickly get your English certified with Duolingo. 

  • Take the online test in just 45 to 60 minutes 
  • Receive your certified results within 2 days 
  • Save valuable money and time 

Find out if the Duolingo test is suitable for you. Click here to try it for free. In order to be accepted to your study programme, a minimum of 95 points in the Duolingo exam is required. 

Did you take the test and not get the 95 points required? Don’t worry! We’re offering a free English course. By successfully completing the course in 3 months, you'll prove that you have the required level of English proficiency.

We also accept the following English language skills certificates: 

  • TOEFL (minimum 80 points) or 
  • IELTS (minimum Level 6) or 
  • Cambridge Certificate (minimum Grade B) or 
  • Equivalent proof, such as a B2.2 Certificate from the free IU English course - further information can be requested from our student advisors.* 

*Proof must be provided before the start of the study and must not be older than five years.

*Please note that course isn't accepted as a language certificate for on campus study programmes

M.Sc. Computer Science 

Mode: Online

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