IU - Germany | Master’s in Project Management [60 ECTS | 120 ECTS]

Are you well-organised, good at communicating and like to complete tasks as efficiently as possible? Use it to your advantage – build a career in Project Management. Are you well-organised, good at communicating and like to complete tasks as efficiently as possible? Use it to your advantage – build a career in Project Management.

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IU - Germany | Master’s in Project Management [60 ECTS | 120 ECTS]

Are you well-organised, good at communicating and like to complete tasks as efficiently as possible? Use it to your advantage – build a career in Project Management. Are you well-organised, good at communicating and like to complete tasks as efficiently as possible? Use it to your advantage – build a career in Project Management.

International Created by International University of Applied Sciences| Germany Last updated Tue, 04-Jul-2023  English

Program Overview

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You can start your desired study programme at IU International University of Applied Sciences if you meet the requirements.

The admissions documents must be provided in English or German, if they were not issued in one of these two languages, a translation is required. If you need to translate your documents, we can help refer you to our trusted translation partners. You can find more details here.

60 ECTS degree: 

  • Completed degree with 240 ECTS. 
  • Your degree should be from a public or officially recognised university/higher education institution. 
  • You should have achieved at least a “satisfactory” or Grade C equivalent. 
  • Proof of at least one year of qualified professional experience in the field of Project Management at the beginning of the study programme (this must be acquired after completion of the undergraduate degree). 

Course Overview

Plan, manage and oversee projects and their implementation; assemble your project team, monitor its members’ success; be involved, foresee challenges and offer quick solutions; use your broad expertise in business management, technology and psychology to get the best out of teams, and ensure that everyone is working together in harmony.

If this sounds appealing to you, the consecutive master’s programme in Project Management is your first step towards a career that ticks all of the above boxes. This master’s degree is offered in two different programmes:

The 120-ECTS programme, for students with an undergraduate degree in economics or engineering. This four-semesters (or longer) programme will develop your undergraduate skills and prepare you for managerial responsibilities related to project work. You’ll learn how to implement a wide range of project management methods and best practices, along with honing the various soft skills that will help you manage diverse teams in ambitious projects. 

The 60-ECTS programme is available for students with a 240-ECTS undergraduate degree and professional experience in project management roles, as well as some form of undergraduate degree. 

You’ll begin your studies by developing your familiarity with project management best practices, project management requirements, the strategic aspects of taking managerial decisions and leadership principles.

Later on, you’ll focus on change management, agile work, creative work systems and soft skills such as interpersonal communication.

In this highly orientation-focused programme, you’ll apply your new skills in a practical project simulation, in order to gain real, work-ready experience.

You’ll also have the chance to deepen your skills with an elective topic of your choice (or two, depending on your programme). You have a wide selection of modules to choose from, be they international project management standards such as SCRUM or Prince2, or topics from the wider world of business administration.

Mode: Online

ECTS: 60 | 120

Click Here to Access Course Module: 60 ECTS Module | 120 ECTS Module


Course Fee:

Full-time (12 months): ₹ 29,445/mth

Part-Time 1 (36 months): ₹ 22,912/mth

Part-Time 2 (48 months): ₹ 17,915/mth


Your Project Management career outlook

The future of work possesses many new challenges: coordinating team members who work remotely, gaining insights from advanced data metrics, implementing agile work systems. This is exactly why a well-rounded project manager, who combines business skills with technical proficiency, is a crucial factor in the success of large-scale, complex projects.

By developing this professional profile, you’ll be able to work in, for example, one of the following roles after graduating:

Project Manager/Programme Manager

In order to ensure that large projects are completed in an efficient manner, a clear roadmap and a strict work process are essential. In today’s business world, where projects can include thousands of different moving parts, the performance of a project manager can determine the success of business initiatives. This role requires the ability to quickly identify the different needs of each department and element involved, how to facilitate between them, and the willingness to push through until solutions are found whenever a problem arises. It’s a demanding position, but it’s also highly rewarding whenever you help a team successfully reach their targets.

SCRUM Master

The SCRUM method of agile project management has become very popular in recent years, and after become a common practice in IT and software development companies, it is now a part of many other team projects in a wide range of sectors. As a trained SCRUM master, you’ll lead teams as they apply the rules of SCRUM to facilitate efficient work on different projects. You’ll be the source of information for any questions regarding the theory, rules and methods of SCRUM, while simultaneously offer support, coaching and guidance to individual team members or business units.

IT Project Manager

Bring your project management skills to the information technology sector. As an IT project manager, you’ll take ownership of coordinating and communicating between different departments, stakeholders and external service providers, in order to ensure that project briefs are followed through correctly, goals are achieved and disruptions are kept to a minimum.

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IU has following recognitions 1. FIBAA - Premium quality seal in "Excellence in digital education 2. System Accreditation 3. Program Accreditation 4. German council of Sciences and humanities 5. ZFU (German national agency for distance learning)

1. WES - Canada and US. recognised by WES Canada and U.S., a trusted non-profit providing verified education credential assessments (ECA) for foreign degrees and certificates. This means that our graduates can work or study in Canada and the U.S. as the IU degree can be converted into points according to Canadian academic standards in the Canadian Immigration Point System and American Immigration assessment scheme. 2. Cambridge -IU is a registered online Cambridge International School.

1. QS 5-star Rating IU is the first German university to achieve a 5-star rating and 99 out of 100 points on QS Quacquarelli Symonds, the world’s most popular source for comparative data on universities. We topped the ranks in programme structure, technology, graduate employability, and student faculty engagement. With a full five points for our track record and 94% of our degrees available online, this recognition reaffirms our commitment to delivering quality online learning and inclusive services and support for students. 2. CHE University Ranking (2021/2022) In the current CHE University Ranking (2020-2022), IU achieved top ranks in six out of 25 categories – the most categories won out of over 300 institutions assessed. We outperformed in the Business Administration field in the following categories: General Study Conditions, Contact with Lecturers, Study Programmes Offered, Examinations, Study Organisation, and Practical Orientation. 3. European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education (EQAR) EQAR lists FIBAA as a certified and fully reliable agency that has proven substantial compliance with a common set of conventions for quality assurance in Europe. As IU is recognised by FIBAA, we are therefore also validated by EQAR. This means that our programmes, teaching, and resources are aligned with the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG).

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94 % of IU's graduates find a job within the first three months of graduating. And, after two years, an average of 80 percent have management responsibilities. On top of that, 97% of our students would recommend studying with IU International University of Applied Sciences. This information was reported by more than 3,000 Alumni who took part in our 2020 Service Evaluation. These excellent results are based on the fact that, in addition to teaching professional expertise, IU International University of Applied Sciences focuses on training social and intercultural competence. IU is proud of its graduates and the impressive careers they have built.

MA Project Management

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